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Just a little bit. Just add a little bit and you'll become yourself.
``Nutrient for your heart and hair'' that will make you like yourself a little more than usual

smør is your everyday companion.



smør balm

​Smail Balm

2,200 yen (tax included) 35g

When you spread it on your palm, it melts and creates a natural style while reducing dryness. A great product made from 100% naturally derived ingredients that can be applied to your skin for total care.
The scent of ylang-ylang and bergamot will lift your mood. ​


smør oil

​Smail Oil

2,200 yen (tax included) 60ml

Although it is rich in nutritional ingredients, it leaves a smooth and non-sticky finish. It dries quickly, so you can use the hair dryer in no time. It has a soft citrus scent and goes well with Smail Balm. ​

Brand Concept

Just like women wear lingerie,
”I feel better when I wear it”
We paid particular attention to the scent and texture.

The scent of ylang-ylang brings out the charm of women,
The scent of bergamot makes you feel bright, calm and refreshed.

Argan oil, vegetable squalane, tocopherol, etc.
Luxurious blend of high-quality plant-derived ingredients

Just a little bit.
Just add a little bit and you'll become yourself.

I like myself wearing it.
"Nutrition for the heart and hair"

Hair care products that are perfect for your everyday life.

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